Welcome to ecodrive

ecodrive is dedicated to promoting high quality, zero-emission Electric Vehicles, from moto-scooters to cars, vans and even trucks & buses to reduce fossil fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, mitigate Climate Change and improve air quality whilst minimising the amount of energy we consume for transport, using renewable energies such as photovoltaic (PV) solar and wind energy, as much as possible.

Renault Zoe © ecodrive
We aim to make 'EVs' as accessible and practicable as possible for those who want to use them as a part of their household or business transport needs.

Since 2005 ecodrive has operated a fleet of production Peugeot and Citroën EVs with many customers including Local Authorities, the Police, small businesses, environmental organisations & individuals.

We now work closely with vehicle manufacturers and dealers across the UK and Europe to develop, market and support the new generation of EVs.

With in-house electrical engineering expertise and hands-on practical experience with a variety of EVs, we also design and supply Charging Stations for home charging, fleets and as public infrastructure through our sister company Drivenergy.

We have always serviced our own fleet of vehicles and supplied parts, including charging connectors and cables, motor brushes, batteries and ancilliaries for production vehicles worldwide and supported other workshops and franchises to offer the best customer service.

Now in our 13th year of professional experience with production Electric Vehicles, having covered tens of thousands of miles in the UK and across Europe, we consult on the technical, marketing and consumer aspects of the burgeoning new generation of EVs. We have driven EVs ourselves on a daily basis for years and dealt with thousands of customer enquiries so we understand what EV drivers expect and need!

We hosted the Sexy Green Electric Vehicle Showcase, in association with the world famous Eden Project in the heart of Cornwall, allowing visitors from around the UK, Europe and as far afield as Australia and Canada their first opportunity to get up close with most of the production EVs on the market, with expert impartial advice and, crucially, to actually drive these vehicles... Read more

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