Electric vans

There are electric versions of most sizes of light commercial vehicles from small city vehicles up to large 4.6tonne long wheelbase, high roof panel vans. On the same chassis as the vans we can offer versions such as minibuses and pick-ups too.

For specialist applications there are also 7.5tonne trucks available!

Most vans have an unchanged load space from the petrol/diesel versions (the batteries are fitted under the floor) and usually have a maximum payload only slightly less than the conventional version. A maximum range of around 80-120 miles per charge makes them ideal for local deliveries for all but the heaviest loads (such as sandwich deliveries, florists and couriers), regular service routes and municipal operations.

With no clutch or gears they are simple to drive and surprisingly quick off the line if necessary thanks to the high torque of the electric motor! Fine control over vehicle speed and hill descents is possible just using the accelerator pedal and the 'regenerative braking' function without using the footbrake most of the time! This makes the vehicles very efficient in the energy that they use, whilst being less fatiguing to drive, particularly in intensive urban driving.

Smaller vans (under 1,000kg payload) are now available from the well-known manufacturers such as Renault, Ford, soon to be joined by Peugeot and Citroën. Larger models are offered as aftermarket conversions on factory vehicles from experienced vehicle converters.

With zero road tax, exemption from Congestion Charge and not requiring an operator license, further enhances the financial appeal of the low running cost. When you factor in the ability to write down 100% of the purchase cost in the first year as an Enhanced Capital Allowance the sums can really add up!

You should aim for a vehicle which meets your daily needs without extra daytime charging most of the time since it is best to take energy overnight when there is low demand on the national grid, unless you have your own renewable energy generation such as a wind turbine or solar panel. But an hour's daytime charging (e.g. at lunchtime) can put pack in a useful amount of range to extend the daily range. Regular higher mileage drivers should consider an alternative fuel combustion engined vehicle: contact us.

We can tailor a vehicle to suit your requirements considering your patterns of usage, payload, operating conditions, opportunities to recharge and other specific conditions to your business. We can consult on fleets to identify roles which can successfully be replaced or supplemented by an EV commercial and plan the introduction of the vehicle, any necessary charging stations (at one or multiple sites) and provide driver training to reassure your staff and get the best from them and the vehicle.

We can advise on sourcing renewable energy to recharge your vehicle(s) or, if you want a complete package, work with our partners to install solar, wind and other technologies to generate all of the energy that your fleet will need, currently with very attractive financial incentives via the Feed-In Tariff.