Electric cars

There is a new generation of electric cars from familiar names such as Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Nissan and Mitsubishi but also from innovative 'start up' companies (such as Tesla Motors) and well-established specialist vehicle manufacturers.

Nissan LEAF with public rapid charger © ecodrive
The new city cars, hatchbacks and saloons have exciting performance, are simple to drive and are ideal for everyday trips and commuting. Vehicles have a 'range' of between 70 and 120 miles per charge (depending on model and specification) and can be recharged in as little as 30 minutes from a growing network of rapid chargers in public places.

With top speeds generally in excess of the UK speed limit, these cars are very practical commuting tools, easily able to cope with a 60+ mile round trip, or potentially a 150 mile return journey with extra daytime charging.

If you're looking for something to set your pulse racing, you can even choose the phenomenal Tesla Roadster!

With only two pedals and no gears, all of these cars are simple to drive, most similar to an 'automatic.' The 'accelerator' pedal is actually more of a 'speed control' pedal since you use it to control your deceleration too! Fine control over slowing for junctions, traffic and hill descents is possible by releasing the pedal slightly, using energy-efficient 'regenerative braking' without using the footbrake most of the time!

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All of the cars can be recharged at public recharging stations and at home from a 'wall-box' which we can install in a garage or on most driveways. If you don't have off-street parking, we can even install a kerb-side charging point near your home (subject to local authority approval.)

You can charge each night, using cheap-rate electricity, conveniently starting out each day with a full 'tank' at a cost of around £2! Extra daytime charging, when necessary, can extend the useful range to more than double the nominal range, from a public charging station whilst shopping, working etc. or at special Quick Charge stations in 15-30 minutes.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV at St Michael's Mount, Cornwall © ecodrive

It is best to take most of the energy for recharging overnight when there is low demand on the national grid, unless you have your own renewable energy generation such as a wind turbine or solar panel. With our partner installers we can design a system which perfectly complements your new vehicle and your home or business.

You should choose a vehicle which meets your daily needs without extra daytime charging most of the time. Most people choose an EV as a second (or third) vehicle in a household, but experience shows that you will, in time, likely do more miles in your EV than in the other vehicle(s)!

You may choose to keep your existing vehicle for those rare longer trips, creating a 'hybrid garage,' giving you flexibility in your transport and a low overall 'carbon footprint.' You may find that it is cheaper to give up the conventional car considering how little you use it and make use of dealer car borrowing schemes or rental cars when necessary.

An Extended-Range EV, incorporating a small combustion-engined generator is another alternative to a hybrid garage or occasional use vehicle.

Do you need a larger vehicle? We can offer up to an 8-seater Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) if you need the capacity to carry more people and/or larger loads. Please call or email to discuss your requirements: Contact us

We can offer friendly driver coaching (to individuals, households and fleets) to help you quickly get the best from your new car... small differences in driving style can significantly improve your driving efficiency and get even better performance from your EV.

We are a firm believer in try-before-you-buy, so give us a call to find out where and when you can drive an EV for yourself!