Electric moto-scooters

Scooters offer the least environmentally impacting, and often most easily accessible, example of road-licensed electric transport, achieving around a mile per penny's worth of cheap-rate, overnight electricity!

With nil road tax and minimal maintenance they are also very economical transport.

Mini-Scooters (Mopeds)

Ideal for town and city use and simple to ride with no clutch or gears, the 'twist-and-go' throttle and the high torque of the electric motor gives a quick off-the-line response when desired, fun performance and 'regeneration' recovers energy during deceleration.

Most are designed to be equivalent to a 50cc petrol scooter, limited to 30mph which classifies them as "mopeds" for UK licensing purposes, allowing car drivers to drive them without taking another test, although CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) may be required and is recommended if you are new to two-wheels in readiness for the different challenges compared to car driving.

They can be recharged virtually anywhere that you can get to an electricity supply using the attached cable under the seat. Being smaller vehicles they can be manoeuvred into the tightest of spaces to get close to a socket, in your garage at home for example, or even outside, adjacent to your house (with a dedicated charging socket)


The latest, custom-designed electric "maxi-scooter" boasts performance similar to a 400cc model but is licensed as a 125cc, making it accessible to car drivers with CBT training. A top speed of 59 mph and a range of over 50 miles (at more modest speeds) makes for a very practical commuting machine. Fast recharging and finely controllable regenerative braking by turning the patented throttle grip backwards gives a hugely enjoyable, entertaining ride yet which is intuitive and effortless.

It features styling that would not look out of place on an Italian piazza and boasts components from well respected suppliers to the motorcycle industry, such as Brembo brakes. The long-life Lithium-Ion battery is supplied by one of the world's leading consumer and industrial battery companies and is expected to last at least 50,000 miles.

It features ample under-seat storage for a full-face helmet and a lockable glovebox with a 12V accessory socket for mobile phone chargers etc.

Finance packages including extended warranty give assured, low cost-per-mile, environmentally friendlier, personal transport for years to come.

It is also very suited to public sector applications such as policing, security patrols, parking enforcement etc. We are experienced in supplying vehicles to police and local authorities and can configure vehicles to suit particular requirements, with the addition of signwriting, sirens, lights/beacons, first aid kits and carrying capabilities (racks, cases, etc.)